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OilScreenSoil™ TPH Tests


The OilScreenSoil™ tests are particularly useful for site investigators who require rapid delineation of spill depth and direction during response initiatives and immediate qualitative field screen/sampling tests for site investigations and excavation of "free phase" petroleum contamination.

It is important to note: OilScreenSoil field tests are intended to be used in conjunction with other evaluative and appropriate field screening equipment and to support the standard requirements for laboratory testing. They are not designed to replace either.

There are three different OilScreenSoil tests:

The OilScreenSoil™ TPH test kits are easy to use (typically requiring less than 10 minutes training) and don’t require specialized training or expertise, or the use of external instrumentation. Our soil testing kits can also be used to achieve consistent results in virtually any temperature or weather conditions. The tests are used in forestry, environmental, aerospace, shipping/marine, railways, manufacturing, petrochemical, utilities, construction and other companies involved with oil leak detection and site remediation.

OilScreenSoil™ TPH test kits can be used to

  • Quickly and easily determine spill boundaries and depths and identifying spill directions in soil
  • Detect chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds (Dense Non Aqueous Phase Layer -DNAPL) in drill/core samples
  • Detect direction and depths of spills from leaking underground (LUSTs) and aboveground storage tanks
  • Test excavation floor and walls for petroleum hydrocarbons

OilScreenSoil™ TPH test kits are particularly useful for:

  • Phase II environmental site assessments and excavations
  • Soil remediation
  • DNAPL/Dry-cleaning remediation projects.
  • Petroleum screening in seeping basements.

OilScreenSoil™ TPH test kits are typically used with a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbon products including:

  • Automotive Gasolines (C5-C12)
  • Jet Fuels (C5-C16)
  • Fuel Oils #1 & 2 (C9-C20)
  • Mineral Oils (C15-C29)
  • Petroleum-based Chlorinated Solvents (C7–C12) including: TCE, TCA and PCE (e.g. Dry Cleaning Solvent)

OilScreenSoil™ TPH test kits:

  • Produce “instant” results (within two minutes)
  • Detect oils as low as approx. 500 ppm of TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbon) in soil
  • Screen for a limited number of DNAPLs (dense nonaqueous phase layer), and LNAPLs (light non-aqueous phase layer)
  • Can be used with salt-water, or on frozen soils with the addition of hot water
  • Do not require specialized training, or additional instrumentation
  • Are non-hazardous to human health and the environment


Please note:

  • These products are best used with conventional petroleum products as many of the new synthetic products do not contain high enough concentrations of petroleum to be helpful. The synthetics often also contain Ester which may interfere with the capacity of our dyes to stain petroleum hydrocarbons.*
  • The soil tests can also be used to screen for Creosote.
  • OilScreenSoil™ tests are field presence or absence indicators of nonvolatile petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents.


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*NOTE: Esters (detergents) are the only “known” substances to interfere with the dye’s ability to stain petroleum hydrocarbon products. This may be applicable when screening for Ester based (i.e.synthetic) motor oils. Please speak directly to our Cheiron representatives about these matters!



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