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Product Catalogues - OilScreenSoil (Scarlet Red)®;

Scarlet Red

The dimensions of this oil screening kit are:
Height 2.75 inches (75 mm), Diameter 1.5 inches (42mm)

What Is OilScreenSoil (Scarlet Red)®; Used For

This product was developed in response to a request for a "non-mutagenic" red dye based oil screening kit that will identify the presence of oil, petroleum and chlorinated solvents in petroleum contaminated soil, sand and gravel. .As with the Sudan IV based OilScreen kit, this test can be used with a limited number of DNAPLS: including TCE, TCA and PCE materials.

OilScreenSoil (Scarlet Red)® Does Not Replace Quantitative Field Screening Tests, However:

During the excavation of contaminated soil, the OilScreen soil test kit will permit rapid assessment of the depth and direction of contaminants, thus reducing the time and costs typically associated with field screening methodology.

NOTE: Esters (detergents) are the only known substance to interfere with the dye s ability to stain petroleum hydrocarbon products. This may be applicable when screening for Ester based (i.e. synthetic) motor oils. OilScreenSoil kits are NOT suitable for detection of gases (compounds with 4 carbons or less), or for use with heavy crude oils (Bunker C), or solid bituminous materials like asphalt or waxes

Industries that would benefit from using this oil screening kit include:

Forestry, environmental, aerospace, shipping/marine, railways, manufacturing, petrochemical, utilities, construction and other companies involved with oil leak detection and site remediation.

The most common applications for this test kit include:

  • Checking for leaks from above ground storage tanks into soil
  • Checking for leaks from equipment into soil
  • Detecting perimeters, depths and directions of oil spills into soil
  • Detecting oil leaks in sumps near tanks

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