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TPH Tests for Soil, Water and Solid Surfaces: Cheiron Resources


Cheiron Resources Ltd is a small, woman-owned manufacturer of a line of testing kits for field screening of petroleum-based products in soil, water, or on solid surfaces.

Formed in April 1995 as a manufacturers’ agent and industrial marketing company, for almost a decade, we helped clients around the world evaluate and develop international markets in several sectors including: forestry, bio-remediation of animal waste and the environment. 

In 2005, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were put in a position where we reluctantly assumed the role of manufacturer.  However, ultimately, our decade of experience in both domestic and international markets provided us with a strong basis for our new role.  We learned some very valuable lessons from the manufacturers we had worked with: 

The most important lessons were:

  • NEVER make claims we can't support. Having experienced first-hand the frustrations of working with an unprofessional and unreliable supplier - we entered our role as manufacturer with a firm commitment to the concept of integrity and respect for our customers!
  • Most importantly, we learned our customers are loyal to us because they value and respect long-term relationships with their suppliers and they know we continually strive to offer a professional service, good quality products, at reasonable prices, in a timely fashion. 

With these lessons well learned and with the encouragement and commitment of several key clients we developed our OilScreen® line of field screening tools - and we never looked back! In fact, we are even evaluating expansion into Europe and Australia!

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Success through Commitment to Excellence


To become internationally recognized as a manufacturer of high quality, consistent, cost-effective petroleum field screening tests, through a combination of exceptional service and a commitment to long-term relationships.


We exist to assist our customers in their daily operations by developing and offering a line of instant, disposable, cost-effective tests for field screening of petroleum hydrocarbons. As a small manufacturing company we are efficient, dynamic and able to respond to our customers' demands quickly and effectively. Our corporate culture of professionalism, honesty and commitment to success ensures our customers know they are supported by a vendor whose employees accept personal responsibility for their work and are committed to their clients' success.


We may already be working with other branches of your firm… give us a call and we will provide references so you can check us out yourself! Are we a good fit for you? Only if you:

  • Are a company that has a need for a professional, reliable, easy to work with supplier of petroleum field screening tools
  • Expect your suppliers to value and be willing to commit to long-term relationships
  • Expect your vendors to understand that “if you have an emergency situation, they have an emergency situation!”
  • Are an oil and gas production company with, either in-house or external environmental expertise, that wants to ensure your projects are optimized by using the most cost-effective screening tools available
  • Are a government agency involved in field screening training, or industry compliance testing and you want products that are easy to use, readily available and offer your departments or external customers a viable screening option
  • Are a small environmental company that often operates on a “close to the bone” budget that needs access to cost-effective and consistent field screening tools
  • Are a manufacturing company that needs to test your own products for oil contamination prior to completing the next phase of your process
  • Are a registered business (anywhere in the world that FEDEX delivers) with a need to conduct petroleum field screening with an arsenal of consistent, easy to use and cost-effective tests


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