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Product Catalogues - OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)®

The dimensions of this oil screening kit are:
Height 2.75 inches (75 mm), Diameter 1.5 inches (42mm)

What is OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)® used for?

The OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)® field screening test for hydrocarbons is an inexpensive, simple, and virtually instant qualitative test for identifying the presence of Oils (LNAPLS and DNAPLS) in soil. The only restriction is that the contaminants be sufficiently light in color to ensure the dye can be seen. This product is also suitable for screening TCE, TCA and PCE materials. The hydrocarbon soil test kit was designed to overcome the historic difficulties with field screening tests and was therefore developed according to a very specific set of criteria:

  1. The OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)® kit is a "go"/"no-go" soil test kit for the presence of oil (LNAPLs and DNAPLs)
  2. The OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)® test kit will detect virtually all oils down to approx. 500ppm of TPH
  3. OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)® results are immediately available and require no specialized measurement equipment
  4. OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)® tests have simple, easy to read instructions and can be used by utility or industrial contractors after a couple of minutes training.

How Does The OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)® Test Kit Work?

Suspected petroleum or DNAPL contaminated soil is added to the sample bottle, to which potable water is also added and the contents shaken vigorously. A rapidly dissolving cube is attached to the cap. The cube has a Sudan IV based red oil soluble dye and a fluorescing yellow/green water soluble dye disbursed thoughout its surface.

The red dye stains petroleum products (including DNAPLs) red; while the green dye colors the water to provide a visual contrast between the two colours. When free petroleum floats to the surface it attaches to an EPS bead that is supplied with the kit and/or attaches to the walls of the container. From concentrations below about 2,500 ppm to the limit of detection (which is about 500 ppm) the EPS bead will turn pink. At very low concentrations we suggest using an used kit as a comparison for the colour depth of the EPS bead as the color change may be slight.

The range of detection is approximate because a soil's affinity for oil will vary. Since DNAPL is heavier than water it is typically seen towards the bottom of the jar. The DNAPL can also be seen as red "beading" on the sides of the container.

OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)® Does Not Replace Quantitative Field Screening Test, However:

During the excavation of contaminated soil, the Oilscreen Soil (Sudan IV)® soil test kit will permit rapid assessment of the depth and direction of contaminants, thus reducing the time and costs typically associated with field screening methodology.

NOTE: Esters (detergents) are the only known substance to interfere with the dye s ability to stain petroleum hydrocarbon products. This may be applicable when screening for Ester based (i.e. synthetic) motor oils.

Industries That Would Benefit From Using The OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)® Kits Include:

Forestry, environmental, aerospace, shipping/marine, railways, manufacturing, petrochemical, utilities, construction and other companies involved with oil leak detection and site remediation.

The OilScreenSoil (Sudan IV)® kits are currently used for a wide variety of purposes including:

  • Checking for leaks from above ground storage tanks into soil
  • Checking for leaks from equipment into soil
  • Checking for leaks from utility transformers into soil
  • Detecting perimeters, depths and directions of oil spills in soil
  • Detecting oil leaks in sumps near tanks
  • Detecting chemicals at Dry Cleaner Remediation sites

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