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Product Catalogues - OilScreenSurface (Swab)®

OilScreenSurface (Swab) ®: WE REGRET THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW AND NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE AT THIS TIME An "instant" hydrocarbon screening kit for identifying the presence of oil and petroleum products on solid surfaces, including vegetation, metals and rocks.

Hydrocarbon screening kit for identifying the presence of oil and petroleum products on solid surfaces

The dimensions of this oil screening kit are:
Height 4.625 inches (118 mm), Diameter 0.75 inches (19 mm)

What Is OilScreenSurface (Swab)®?

OilScreenSurface (Swab)® is a rapid test for hydrocarbons on the face of almost any material. A special foam tipped swab containing isopropyl alcohol in its handle is contained in a clear plastic tube. When the handle is bent sharply the isopropyl alcohol is released into the foam. The foam swab is rubbed over the material whose surface is suspected of being contaminated with oil or other hydrocarbon. The clear container that the swab came in is filled to the green line with drinkable water. The swab is then placed back into the clear tube with the swab end toward the bottom. The cap is replaced on the tube and the contents shaken. If the solution appears milky there is oil present on the surface! Conversely, if the solution is clear there is no oil on the surface.

This test is essentially instantaneous in that if oil is present, the solution will appear slightly cloudy immediately after it has been shaken.

How Does It Work?

OilScreenSurface (Swab)® uses the difference in solubility in alcohol and water of the compound to be detected. For the test to work the compound to be tested for must be very soluble in alcohol and practically insoluble in water. The test kit is comprised of a clear plastic tube that contains a foam swab with Isopropanol sealed in the handle. A sharp squeeze of the handle forces the alcohol into the swab. The surface to be tested is swabbed with both side of the foam tip. The swab is then placed in the clear tube and room temperature potable water added. The container is sealed with the included cap, and the contents shaken. If the solution is milky (an emulsion) then the presence of the compound tested for is indicated. The more milky the solution the more compound is present on the surface.

Remember the test is non - specific. Any compound soluble in alcohol but insoluble in water will produce an emulsion (milky solution).

What Can I Use It For?

OilscreenSurface (Swab)® can be used to determine if split spoon samplers, augers, hand spades, shovels etc. have been decontaminated properly. It can also determine if fences, leaves, bark or other foliage, rocks, and or metal has been contaminated with oil or other hydrocarbons. The use is limited by your imagination.

Industries that would benefit from using the OilScreenSurface (Swab)® oil screening kits include:

Transportation facilities and garages (bus barns, fleet vehicles etc) forestry and pulp and paper, environmental, aerospace, shipping/marine, manufacturing facilities, petrochemical, utilities and autoshops and car washes.It aso can be used in some

The most common applications for this test kit include:

  • Checking solid surfaces for oil and oil sheens from leaking utility transformers
  • Checking for oil and oil sheens on any solid surfaces, including ship decks, runways, or on vehicles or vehicular parts.
  • Checking for oil or hydrocarbons on foliage.
  • Checking for oil or hydrocarbons on metal or painted surfaces, including industrial machinery and equipment.
  • Checking for TCA, TCE or PCE on the surfaces of drill cores

... and we have no doubt that our customers will continue to find a wide range of other applications in future!

How Do I Use OilscreenSurface (Swab)®?

Remove the cap then remove the swab. Fill the tube to the green line withe drinkable water. To use the swab bend the handle sharply in the middle until a pop is heard. Use your fingers to force the alcohol from the clear tube into the foam swab. Then wipe the area with suspected oil contamination using both sides of the swab. Place the swab into the tube then replace the cap and shake the tube. If the water turns milky (an emulsion) there is oil or other hydrocarbon present.

Interested In Trying These Products?

In our ongoing efforts to make purchasing our products as easy and convenient as possible - we are pleased to offer the following options to trial the OilscreenSurce (Swab)® products:

  • A trial size box of 5 units (a mixture of the various products if preferred (excluding the OilscreenDNAPL-LENS (Spray)® or the OilScreenSurface (Spray)® @ US $80.00 plus shipping OR:
  • Cheiron will deduct the price of one box of soil screening products (50 units) from the first sale if it exceeds US $2,500.00


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